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Date 27-10-2021

GO Sharing expands to Brussels

October 27, 2021 – GO Sharing, the largest shared e-moped network in the Benelux, starts offering its services in Brussels today. The company is deploying 500 shared e-mopeds in the Belgian capital. GO Sharing was already active in Belgium in Antwerp and is now expanding to a second city. The scale-up’s mission is to make mobility more sustainable worldwide, by converting vehicle ownership into use when needed.


With the arrival of GO Sharing, the number of shared e-mopeds available in Brussels will be doubled. With the 500 e-mopeds, the shared transport company provides the volume and coverage that Brussels’ residents need to find a shared vehicle within walking distance round the clock.


Europe’s capital now part of world mission
In April 2021, GO Sharing announced a capital injection of € 50 million. With the investment, GO Sharing will not only make its offering of shared vehicles multimodal by adding e-bikes and shared electric cars, the company will also pursue it’s international ambition. In recent months, GO Sharing launched sequentially in Vienna, Antwerp, Saarbrücken, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Neuss, Istanbul and, today, Brussels.


In pursuit of GO Sharing’s mission, further internationalization is a logical consequence, according to Raymon Pouwels, CEO of GO sharing: “Our motto is ‘a green planet with mobility owned by everyone, shared by everyone’. With GO Sharing we want to bring about the mentality shift from personal ownership to shared use, worldwide. Today, GO Sharing operates over 10,000 shared electric vehicles in over 35 cities. Together with our users, we ensure less CO2 emissions and less traffic congestion with our electric shared transport, as well as reducing the need for parking spaces in cities. I am very proud that we’re now also realizing this in the capital of Europe.”

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