How it works

Your adventure begins with the GO Sharing app

Driving with GO Sharing is easy and fun

You can download the GO Sharing app in the Apple App Store or Google Play store. Once you have downloaded the app and created an account, you can find all available GO Sharing vehicles in the app. Find a vehicle and unlock it with the app if you are standing next to it. Enjoy your ride.

Check out our new top cases

At GO Sharing we like to listen to what you, the users, have to tell us. So with the help of your input – we have developed new top cases. These are easier to use, are sturdy, close well and also have room for two helmets!  
You can see all available vehicles on the map in the app. Reserve your vehicle, you then have 15 minutes to get to the vehicle.
Yes! You’ve found your GO Sharing vehicle. First check for any damages and report this in the app by pressing the exclamation mark (!). Start your ride by scanning the QR code or click on ‘start’ in the app. Have fun driving!
Drive, park & enjoy:
In need of a short pit stop during your ride? Then use the ‘parking mode’ for only €0.15 per minute. The moped will turn off, but it’s still only available for you.
End your ride:
You only can end your ride in the service area. In the app this area is marked light green. Park the e-moped properly at a designated location and press ‘End ride’.

Where to ride and park

With GO Sharing you can drive and park almost anywhere in the city. Together with cities, we have created zones to keep the public road accessible to everyone. Always obey local traffic rules. Below you can read more about these zones and places.
Service area You can park the e-moped anywhere within the service area’s. Make sure that you don’t cause any inconvenience to other road users.
No parking zone Areas where you aren’t allowed to park are indicated in the app with a red square. These are usually busy shopping streets.
Outside the service area You can drive outside the service area, but you can’t end the rental here. Temporary parking is possible, this costs €0.15 per minute.
Discount area Do you see a purple area? Then you are lucky! If you start or end the rental here, you will receive a discount on you ride.

Drive GO Sharing your way

Pay only for the time you use it  

With GO Sharing you only pay for the time that you use an e-moped. Pay per minute or choose a discount package.  
Per minute        

Pay per driven minute        

GO Basic package        

Get 75 prepaid driving minutes for €19.95        

GO Big package        

Get 200 prepaid driving minutes for €49.95        

GO Crazy package        

Get 425 prepaid driving minutes for €99.95        

the app

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know

You have located the e-scooter and if you have reserved it, you can simply click on ‘Start’ in the app to start the scooter. If you are standing next to the scooter without making a reservation, you can just scan the QR code on the scooter.
Click on ‘END’ in the app and the e-scooter will switch off automatically. This will end your ride. Note: your ride can be ended anywhere within the light green area. We also call this green area the ‘service area’.  You cannot end your trip outside the service area, but you can of course park (temporarily). If you park the e-scooter (temporarily) outside the service area, you will only be charged € 0.15 per minute. Make sure that you do not cause any inconvenience when parking your e-scooter. We ask you to obey the rules and take your environment into account. So treat it as if it is your own property. Make sure that:   – You do not cause any inconveniences when parking your e-scooter. – You park at a location where scooters and/or bicycles are allowed. – Your e-scooter stands steady and upright on its standard. – You do not let the e-scooter lean against anything. – You do not park the e-scooter on the road. – You are not blocking either an entrance or an exit.
There are a different packages in the app that you could buy. For example, you can drive with the GO Crazy package for €0.24 cents per minute. The minutes in your package are 365 days valid. 
If the debit card is valid in Belgium, we will accept it.
Do you want to make a reservation for an e-scooter in your area? You will have 15 free minutes to get there and start the e-scooter. Your paid minutes start counting from the moment you start the e-scooter. When you end your ride in the app, the timer also stops.
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