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Frequently asked questions

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GO Sharing – Updates

Why is GO Sharing no longer active in Belgium?
Three years ago we started with the mission to make shared mobility a reliable and affordable alternative to owning your own vehicle, as an extension of public transport. Because we wanted to offer this service to everyone, everywhere and at all times, we quickly expanded to many beautiful cities in the Netherlands and Belgium. Usage in many cities is already well above expectations, but unfortunately not yet in a number of others. As a result, it is not yet possible for us to offer the quality that we think you deserve
We aim to return and continue our mission to make shared mobility a reliable and affordable alternative to owning a vehicle. However, the use of our services in some cities has not been what we had hoped for. We will continue to assess where there is a demand for our services, and we will make every effort to return to the cities from which we now depart.

Registration & app usage

How do I change my personal information?
After signing up, click on your name. Here you can see your personal details and you can change them. The payment details can be found under the tab “Wallet”.  If you need help, let us know via
The e-moped can be started and stopped through our app. That is why our e-mopeds have an extra security system, a start and stop system.   If you see ‘Ready’ appearing in the dashboard, you can just drive away as usual. Is the ‘Ready’ sign off? First make sure that the stand is folded down, then you can press the ready button. You can find this button at the bottom, right next to the emergency lights button on your right hand. You can now start the e-moped.    Are you still unable to start the e-moped? Please contact our costumer support via
All available e-scooters can be found on the map in the GO Sharing app and of course you choose the nearest e-scooter. Click on the green button ‘Reserve’ and you will then have 15 free minutes to walk to the scooter.
You have located the e-scooter and if you have reserved it, you can simply click on ‘Start’ in the app to start the scooter. If you are standing next to the scooter without making a reservation, you can just scan the QR code on the scooter.
When you open the app, click on the profile icon on the right and register your phone number. Pay attention! Your number is verified with a code, so use the phone number that corresponds to the phone on which you installed the app. Then enter your details:   1 Click on the profile icon on the right, fill in your personal details and click on ‘save’ 2 Then follow the steps to submit your driving license for verification 3 After uploading, your driving license will be verified and you will receive an SMS within a few minutes 4 You can now add your payment method. You can drive per minute with your CreditCard and if you want to buy a package, you can also pay via Bancontact 5 Do you want to start a ride? Find an e-scooter near you on the map 6 Click on the e-scooter icon and press ‘Reserve’ 7 Walk during the 15 free minutes to your e-scooter. When you are at the e-scooter, click on ‘Start’ in the app 8 Drive wherever you want to go to. Have fun!

During your ride

How far can I go with a full battery?
The battery can reach more than 70 kilometers! But pay attention, the battery drains faster when you ride the e-scooter with two people. Is your battery almost empty? Make sure you are able to reach your destination with this small amount. Switch to another e-scooter in the area. We are charging e-scooters every day for your trip! 
Yes, you can use your e-scooter anywhere that local laws allow. Please note that you cannot end your trip outside the service area. Parking (temporarily) is, possible of course, during this time you will only pay € 0.15 per minute. To clarify, this is equal to €9 per parked hour.
Wherever you are allowed to go with a normal moped! So you can go both inside and outside our service area. But, stay in notice of our service areas.   – The green service area: You can drive here as well as end your ride – The red service area: You can drive here but you can’t end your ride in this area – Outside the service area: You cannot end your ride, but temporarily parking is possible.
No, by doing this you are committing a criminal offense. You are the only one whom can use our service on your account, because your GO Sharing account is linked to your personal data (for example your drivers license). Does someone else want to drive too? Great! They can create their own personal account. Then you are able to tour together.
No, there is not. You can drive as long as you want, because you are paying per minute. Of course, pay attention to the capacity of the battery. Make sure you do not drive up to a 0% battery, but pick up another scooter nearby on which you can continue your journey. GO Sharing takes care of charging the batteries in the service area.
Of course! There is the possibility to travel with someone on the back of the e-scooter. But, please keep in mind that the maximum weight the scooter can carry is 160 kg.
Our e-scooters are available 24/7 .  

After your ride

Where am I allowed to park the e-scooter?
The scooter can be parked anywhere within our light green area. We call this the ‘service area’. We ask you obey the rules and to take your environment into account. So treat it as if it is your own property. Make sure that:   – You do not cause any inconveniences when parking your e-scooter. – You park at a location where scooters and/or bicycles are allowed. – Your e-scooter stands steady and upright on its standard. – You do not let the e-scooter lean against anything. – You do not park the e-scooter on the road. – You are not blocking either an entrance or an exit.
Click on ‘END’ in the app and the e-scooter will switch off automatically. This will end your ride. Note: your ride can be ended anywhere within the light green area. We also call this green area the ‘service area’.  You cannot end your trip outside the service area, but you can of course park (temporarily). If you park the e-scooter (temporarily) outside the service area, you will only be charged € 0.15 per minute. Make sure that you do not cause any inconvenience when parking your e-scooter. We ask you to obey the rules and take your environment into account. So treat it as if it is your own property. Make sure that:   – You do not cause any inconveniences when parking your e-scooter. – You park at a location where scooters and/or bicycles are allowed. – Your e-scooter stands steady and upright on its standard. – You do not let the e-scooter lean against anything. – You do not park the e-scooter on the road. – You are not blocking either an entrance or an exit.
No, you just drive and enjoy. We’ll do the rest! If there is any damage, please report this in the app. You can click on the black (!) exclamation mark and report the damage to us.

Costs and pricing

How much does it cost to register?
Nothing! Because at GO Sharing we don’t have any registration costs.
Do you want to make a reservation for an e-scooter in your area? You will have 15 free minutes to get there and start the e-scooter. Your paid minutes start counting from the moment you start the e-scooter. When you end your ride in the app, the timer also stops.
There are two ways to pay. You can pay for our packages with a CreditCard or Bancontact. If a package does not suit you and you would like to pay per minute, it’s only possible with a CreditCard.
Prices start at €0.24 per minute and at GO Sharing you’ll only pay while using the e-scooter. Our prices include maintenance, insurance and the battery. You pay for your ride, we do the rest!
No, definitely not. You only pay per minute and there are no additional costs. You must, of course, obey the (traffic) rules, because fines are passed on to the user.
If the debit card is valid in Belgium, we will accept it.
Of course! After your drive you will receive an invoice by e-mail.
Most certainly. You can ever rent per month for business. Choose what suits you. Would you like to explore this option furthermore? Contact us via
Yes, both are possible. But, the payment methods are linked to different usage of driving minutes.
The online payment is completely safe. We use Adyen’s service for this. This company is a worldleader in the processing of payments. All transactions are SSL secured. However, GO Sharing does not store any bank details, this is all done via Adyen.
The prices per minute already include VAT. But, for business packages the prices are mentioned without VAT.
There are a different packages in the app that you could buy. For example, you can drive with the GO Crazy package for €0.24 cents per minute. The minutes in your package are 365 days valid. 


What is the minimum age to ride a GO Sharing e-scooter?
From the age of 18 you can already drive with our GO Sharing e-scooter. The scooters are super easy to drive and the service is available to anyone with a valid drivers license.
With a drivers license B (car), drivers license A (motorcycle) or driviers license AM (moped) you can use our service.
Yes, you do need to wear a helmet. That is because our e-scooter drive 45km/h.
All e-scooters are covered by third party liability, with a deductible of € 500. Our monthly business packages are completely free of deductible.
The personal data you have entered is stored in a secure manner. All personal data is encrypted and stored on secure servers that are continuously backed up. These servers are located in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) and are managed and maintained by the global professional server Infrastructure company Amazon Web Services (AWS).

What if…

What if I have never ridden a e-scooter?
Our e-scooters are available for everyone with a drivers license. Have you never ridden a e-scooter? Then it is advised to try this in an open space with half power, before you start making miles on our e-scooters. The use of the e-scooter is always at your own risk.
Hopefully that will never happen. If this is the case, take photos in a respectful manner if possible and send this, together with an accompanying text and a claim form, to
Our e-scooter can reach a maximum speed of 45km/h. That’s why you need to wear a helmet while driving.

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