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The most beautiful spots of Antwerp

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Explore Antwerp

At GO Sharing, we want to help you explore and get around. For some inspiration, we have selected our favorite and scooterproof hotspots. The prettiest parks, the best takeway shops and the most special sights are included, so read on!      

Groene gordel

Nachtegalenpark & Den Brandt castle    

Looking for a moment of peace after a busy week? Visit the Nachtengalen Park and the Den Brandt castle. The castle is located in a beautiful area just outside the centre of Antwerp. The perfect place to relax!     Photo’s:  ©  Tijl Vereenooghe
Tijl Vereenoge


Restaurant – Greenway Antwerpen            

Feeling like eating a juicy burger while also saving the environment? We have the perfect place: the Green Way restaurant. This restaurant, located at The Groenplaats, sells the best vegan burgers. Enjoy your guilty pleasures in a healthy and green way!       P.S. Good news! Greenway now also has a takeaway service, so you can take your vegan burger with you on your trip 😉     Photo:  © Sylvia V. via Yelp


Momade cupcakes

Want to surprise someone (or yourself)? Momade Cupcakes is the place to be. Take a break from your trip and enjoy delicious cupcakes and macarons. The shop itself feels like coming home. Fresh products and friendly people, what more could you wish for? The thought behind the sweets itself is also worth noting: Momade wants to bring people together with their products. Something we fully support!     Photo:  ©  Momade Cupcakes    

Oude Koornmarkt


Jump into the past and explore the Antwerp of 1591. This old street is now an absolute hotspot with great restaurants and shops. Back in the day, you would mostly find shoemakers here, in the Vlaeykensgang. Now, you can find something of everything: from antique stores and art galleries to exclusive restaurants and café’s. Park your scooter somewhere nearby and let this loved and creative place surprise you!


Meeting of Styles        

In this city full of history, ambiance and unique streets, the one thing that cannot be left out is art. Right next to the Cogels-Osylei, you will find the Minkelerstraat. This street is known for its beautiful street art. Be amazed by the beautiful colours and shapes. Graffiti artists from all around the world, young and old, showcase their talents on this very wall. It is certainly worth your time to look at. #GOExplore   Photo: © Meeting of Styles Belgium


Let’s tour!

Want to tour around Antwerp at your own pace? Take the tour ”Around Zurenborg”. During this trip just outside of the city centre, you will find the most amazing streets of Antwerp, including beautiful Art Nouveau houses from the 20th century. With our e-scooters, you can travel in an easy, fun and green way. That way, you don’t have to miss anything of this unique neighbourhood that Zurenborg is today.

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